Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nepali Seema's Sex Story With Her Boss

I'm so attracted to men. I have just experienced some hot and steamy sex from my lover, my boss- Karan. He has fucked me to the core and made me into a woman. I'm sharing some deep sensations that I have gone through in the whole act of deep fucking.

My name is Seema and I'm a 20 year old dusky female from Nepal. I work as household help for Karan and Payal who have a big penthouse apartment in Bangalore. Payal is a housewife and Karan is a state level boxer by profession. Both have frequent visitors for meetings as they are into many other businesses. Apart from me, they have Robin who is their driver. I stay in the servant's quarter attached to the apartment, whereas robin lives somewhere close by.

Karan never had a sex eye on me or looked at me that way. But I was attracted with his biceps and would steal a glance at his back when he did pushups. His muscles were strong. Payal is sexy and only wears skirt blouse at home. She keeps her hair open and smells sexy always. Both are married from a year.

Payal had to visit her parents in Delhi as it had been a year since she saw them and would be away for about 25 days. She instructed me, "Payal, tu saab ka pura khayal rakhna. Unhe kisi baat ki kami nahi honi chahiye. Mujhe saab se koi shikayat nahi chahiye, samjhi?" [ You have to take care of every need of Karan. He must not lack any service from you. I don't want any complaints from him regarding you, understood?] I nodded but thought, "He doesn't even look straight into me. How can I take care of his needs?"

The day she left, Karan invited two of his friends for a bachelor's reunion. He ordered me to make some snacks and dinner. His friends, Bharat and Arjun saw me in the striking red color saree and kept staring. I had Robin's company to help me with the cutting. I knew that they were discussing me.

I overheard Bharat "tu ne iske dabaye ke nahin." And Arjun declared, "aaj mujhe iske choosne de. Tu to roze iske maze leta hoga. Kyun adjust karega?" And Karan replied respectfully, "uski taraf dekhna bhi mat. Ye aisi vaisi nahin hai." [Bharat: Have you squeezed her assets? Arjun: let me suck her boobs. you must be screwing her every day. Can you adjust her for me today? Karan: don't even think about it. She's not that kind.]

I thought, "What nuts? God knows, who is going to fuck my virgin pussy. This body has not been touched by a single handsome guy till today. Here two of them want to suck my boobs, and this Karan is spoiling the chance. I wish, he fucks me tonight, and the 25 nights that follow. After all, my tits and wet shaved pussy deserve better attention! What nuts!"

I kept bending and showing my bulging boobs and cleavage while I served them snacks. Bharat pinched me on my waist. I turned to see him in shock and he winked back. I blushed and went inside. Through the evening, they were howling with laughter, and staring at my tits. My red saree covered my sexy figure and revealed my assets to the best advantage [of men].

Finally, when both were ready to leave, they shook hands with Karan and called me. While Arjun pretended to be decent and thanked me, Bharat came forward and held my hands, kissed them and hugged me and then thanked me for the dinner. Karan was irritated and patted his shoulder, so he could let me go. He went downstairs with them to see them go. He returned and couldn't look at me in the eye. Perhaps, he felt guilty. He told both me and Robin to go and take rest and went to his room.

Robin came into my room and asked me if I wanted to drink some beer. He told me that Karan is drunk and will be asleep in no time. I was tired, and wanted to drink and experience how men go high when they are drunk. I gulped the glass of beer like water. Robin couldn't believe that I had the whole glass one shot. He also was staring at my navel all evening. He poured another glass and gave it to me. I drank that one also in one gulp. I was thinking, what the fuck? Nothing's happening.

But something overtook me. I put my arms around Robin and began to kiss him. His two open shirt buttons were showing the chest hair. I pushed him on the cot and moved my hands around his chest. I removed my saree and threw it on the side. I climbed on both sides of his hips and started feeling him. He was younger than me and a little scared now. I began to giggle and grin... likes the guys. My cunt walls were rubbing his erect dick from below. My giggling began to become louder. I didn't know what happened after that.

When I was awake in the morning, Karan was sleeping on top of me. He was not wearing anything except for his boxer underwear. And my upper body didn't have any clothing. In a state of shock, I got up. Wondering about what happened last night, I was scared. I got up. I saw that I was in Karan's room. I rushed into the bathroom. Inside, I saw love bite marks on my shoulder, on my navel and on my right thigh. My tits were red taut. I wore a slip and ran to my room.

I tried to remember what happened last night, but couldn't make out or recollect. While taking a bath, I tried to touch my pussy and feel if it was hurting. But there was no pain.

Karan woke up at 12 noon and called me in his room. Robin had not reported for duty yet. He said, "kal tumne sharaab kyun pee?" [Why were you drunk yesterday?]
I thought I'm out of my job.

"pata hai, tumdaru peeke Robin ke upar gandi baatein kar rahi thi. Gande kam kar rahi thi." [do you know, you were drunk and you were talking nonsense with robin, doing wrong things with robin?"]

I thought, robin has screwed up and put a wrong allegation on me.

"tumhari malkin ko pata chala, to tumhe wapas ghar bhej degi." [if your mistress knows, she'll send you back home.]

I began to sob in fear. I never knew or remembered what happened but it looks like I had misbehaved with Karan. He came near me and put his hands on my head. It was more than a casual touch. It smelled of lust. He brought my head close to his chest and started feeling my neck. He told me to stop crying and make some tea. I came to know that robin had been fired from job.

I served him tea, but was in tears. "Saab. Aap malkin ko kuch nahin bolna. Mera pura parivar mere kamai se hi chalta hai. Agar malkin ne nikal diya, to main kahan jaungi? Main kuch bhi karne ko tiyar hoon. [kuch karo to sahi]."[saab. Please don't tell Payal anything. My family depends only on my wages. If she fires me, where will I go? I'll do anything you say.]

He told me about last night: I was drunk and sleeping on top of Robin. I was without saree and my blouse was showing my boobs. By the way, I have boobs of the size of Ayesha Takia. Karan walked into my room to see why I was laughing so loudly.

He saw me in undress and shouted at Robin to get out of the house. He called me to his room. I was completely drunk and could hardly walk. So he had kept my arms on his shoulder and walked with me inside. The smell of my armpits and the warmth of my boobs were reminding him of Payal. I had told him that he looked smart. I told him that my tits were waiting to be licked by a man like him. I had forcefully torn his shirt buttons and slept on him. He told me that I pressed my boobs on his chest and kissed him all over. And, that the whole night, we both were feeling each other's bodies with love. He had removed my blouse and bra completely. He had sucked my juicy mango boobs and bit them. I was moaning really loudly in pleasure. He had pressed my boobs and licked my neck, my shoulders and my lips.

"Sorry saab. Par malkin ne to kaha tha... aapka khayal rakhne ke liye. Aap ko bura lag raha hai. Main aapse bahut pyar karti hoon. Aap mere jism ki har bhookh mita do. Aap mere sapne me roze mujhe pyar karte ho. Aap mere raaton ki bhookh ho." I had lost my fear. I thought, I must make my first move and make my nights evergreen. [Sorry saab. But it was Payal malkin who asked me to take care of your needs. Are you feeling hurt? I love you. You can quench my thirst for sex. You are always in my lustful dreams. You are my hunger.]

Emotionally he was attracted to me. After all, he had played with my tits. Sexually, he had drunk my curves and sucked on my juices. The only thing he had not done was screw me. I was ready for it. And who wants to be fired and suffer. I wanted sex. I wanted the money. And my boss is a handsome and alone.He told me to keep the secret or I would be fired.

He showed me to shave my pussy and keep my legs waxed. He educated me about how armpits are the sexual part of women. He told me not to wear a bra for the next 20-25 days, as my milk only would quench his thirst.

But I had not been taken by a man below my waist. Robin had felt my tits and kissed me, but till today, no man had seen my cunt. I was lucky to have the care and cock of Karan, as he was gentle to fuck me first.

That day, he never went to work. He kissed my neck and my armpits till I was wet. We smooched several times and I was imagining the length of his cock. I had read some cheap story books where men's cocks were described in inches. There were pictures of nude women, but not of cocks.

He removed my panties and went down to my soft cunt. He inserted his middle finger and it pained. His tongue took over and he licked away on my pussy. "oooh. Saab. Aaaah saaab. Oooh saaab." He licked even deeper and I spread my legs even further allowing him to access my deeper cunt. "saab. Aap kya memsaab ko aise hi chaat te hain. Mujhe bahut acha lag raha hai. Saab, aap aise socho ke main Payal hoon. Aap mere saath aise hi karo jo aap unke saath karte ho. Aap mujhe aise hi kiss karo jaise payal ko karte ho. Aur aap mujhe aise hi chooso jaise main aapki biwi hoon."

[Saab. Do you lick madam like this. I love it a lot. Saab, you think that I am Payal. You do whatever you do to her to me. you kiss me the way you kiss her. And you suck me just like you will suck your wife.']

"tere jaisa garam jism maine aaj tak nahin dekha. Tu to payal se bhi garam hai. Mera land teri chuchiyon ko dekh ke itna garam ho gaya hai."
[I have never seen a hot body like yours in my life. You are even hotter than payal. My cock is on a rise just by seeing your boobs.]
"saab, aap dikhaao na apna land mujhe. Maine aaj tak kisi mard ka land nahin dekha." [saab, why don't you show me your cock? I have never seen a cock of a grown up man.]

He removed his underwear and exposed his cock. It was hard and round. The face was like an anaconda. I held it in my hand and it was so warm. My pussy was wet with an orgasm.

He put my hands on the sides exposing my armpits. My tits were taut. He pulled away my blouse and my bra. He sucked on my big boobs and I was in heaven. He had made me cum down there by his licking. Now my tits were being enjoyed. His hands kept pressing my upper hands and he licked my armpits. I had seen this scene only in movies. "aaaah, saab. Bahut maza aaraha hai. Aah saab, aap mujhe ab chodo saab. Aaaah saab aap mujhe chodo. Mujhe raha nahin jaata. Pleeeease, saab. Main aapko bahut maza dungi, mujhe maloom hai aap bhi mujhe bahut maza denge." [ aaaah saab. I'm enjoying so much. Aah saab, now you fuck me. I can't wait. Pleeease, saab. I will give you so much pleasure, and I'm sure, you will also give me lots of pleasure.]

He inserted his finger inside my cunt. It was paining. He pushed it more. It hurt more. I held his strong hand. He sucked my nipple to distract me. he pushed it more. "aaaah. Dard ho raha hai." I screamed in pain. He bit my nipple. Her hands came and pushed my mouth away. He forcefully came on top and pushed both my hands to the side. My tits were standing on a high, fully taut.

He sucked on both one after the other. His lips moved to my cleavage. His hands brought both my boobs together. His lips moved along my cleavage. He rubbed both my boobs in circular motion. His hands squeezed my melons. I was distracted when he suddenly parted my legs and with one single stroke, pushed his cock into my cunt.

'aaaah.saab bahut dard ho raha hai. Nikal do saaab.' I started beating him. His chest and arms were like stones and I was hurting myself. When I realized I could do nothing, I relaxed. He pumped and pushed inside my virgin cunt. My pussy had never experienced a two centimeter opening, and now there was a 2 inches wide cock pushing its way inside. He kept squeezing on my tits and I put my neck forward to kiss him on his neck.

He stroked inside and out several times and the blood started coming from my cunt. It was paining initially, but I was now enjoying. I was kissing his lips and he kept caressing my ass. Both my legs were up in the air, as he was deep inside my pussy. We both reached orgasm together.

When he removed the cock, I could see blood all over the cot. He removed a rubber from the cock. I asked him what that was. He told me that it is a condom. I asked him why he wore one? We could have enjoyed without it? He told me that when I would want a baby, he will not wear it. Since I was unmarried, it is not advisable. He also told me that if I was fucking with anyone in the future, condoms would protect me from aids.

After that hot session of fucking, we went into his bathroom and soaped each other in the foamy bath tub. He squeezed my melon boobs so well. I have never felt so loved in my life. Karan is a strong man. He is a great lover. I feel jealous of his wife Payal. But he confesses that they don't fuck every night as she doesn't cooperate. His cock hurts her pussy and his strokes are very hard for Payal.

I told him, that I will be for him whenever Payal doesn't cooperate. He asked me if I'm satisfied with the fuck, and I kissed him on his cock. I wore some of the best lingerie that any woman could own for next 25 days. And he enjoyed pulling away my clothes for those 25 days. It was a jolly honeymoon for both of us alone.

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